IMG_5271Every day cancer takes the life of a loved one.  Ending their life too soon.  This week Rachel Bland, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, a colleague, an inspiration, was one of these people taken by this nasty disease.  Her legacy is that she got people talking about the taboo of cancer; the ups and downs of side effects; laughing in its face; the realities and the escapes that we face either as someone dealing with it in our own bodies, or of those of loved ones.  I never met her.  But she encouraged me to speak out and not back down to any insecurities either cancer or life itself can bring.

Life sucks at times – get over it, ‘cause there’s a lot of amazing and good things out there to experience, explore and appreciate too.  To all the wonderful people facing challenges in life that just keep jumping back up and keeping on, I raise my (non-alcoholic) glass to you.  And to all the supporters – you are so much more important than you know!

Speaking of supporters, I have a very important and fortunate message to share with my friends and those supporting me through all this.   I have been very lucky this week to have received some good news about my own cancer.  Having been on the BEACON Clinical Trial with the Sarah Cannon Institute on Harley Street for 7 weeks now, I have had my first 6 week scan results.  My doctor has told me (and I quote) “– stable disease – slight improvement in some areas. No new spots. No growth of anything.  Very happy with first scan result!”    I admit – I’m pretty happy with these first scan results too – almost as much as my parents!

This is an incredibly short blog as I just wanted to rejoice in the immediate results with you all.  Regardless as to what the news was going to be, I already had planned an exciting getaway to look forward to this week and so will be partying and smiling with loved ones.  I thoroughly recommend smiling, laughing and dancing with loved ones whenever you get a chance – it definitely lifts your mood!  This is what I will be mainly doing for the foreseeable future.  Take care.  Until next time… xx

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